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15 Manor Crescent, Didcot, Oxfordshire. OX11 7AJ

01235 812338

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St Vincent de Paul Society

History of the SVPSt Vincent de Paul Society

 St John the Evangelist SVP Conference was founded in 1996 and has been active ever since, undertaking a range of work both in the Parish and abroad. In the Parish we visit people at home, in hospital and nursing homes. We look into requests for visits or donations,  received from relatives concerned about the welfare of people in our area.  During the year we have made approximately 250 visits to people who need our help and given around 150 lifts to Church.  Abroad we sponsor student nurses in India, the education of tsunami orphans in India, send funds to the Sudan baby feeding centres, and from funds provided by a secret donor we are providing medical care for 50 people.  We are also joint sponsors in a scheme to purchase oxen in India.


We currently have eight members, three men and five women. Full members attend fortnightly meetings and undertake visits to those in need, of whatever faith, or none.  We also have two auxiliary members who do not attend meetings, but nevertheless provide invaluable support to the conference. There are 9 drivers who regularly help with lifts to Church.  Each member is committed to making regular visits, with respect and discretion, seeking ways to give practical help if needed. As voluntary members, the time they give varies according to each individual’s other personal commitments. The president attends monthly meetings with other conferences in the district and all members attend, if possible, a Lenten Retreat.   Training is available for new members.



These last approximately one hour starting with the Vincentian prayers. We read, ponder and share our thoughts on the Gospel for the following  Sunday. The Minutes of the previous meeting are read and any matters arising are dealt with.  Visits made   are  reported and recorded.   We search for further ways of finding people in need  .  New ideas such as the Feed My Lamb Appeal are discussed together with the reporting of information from the District meeting.  Occasional correspondence from other conferences is read and there follows a secret collection before the closing prayers. And throughout all this, a great deal of laughter and friendship.

 The help we give, however, never seems enough, never quite good enough, soon enough or often enough, but we try.

 New members of any age are always welcome. Please contact the Parish Co-ordinator Mary Hill via the parish office 01235 812338.  Even if you have very little time to give, it doesn’t matter. The love and friendship which grows out of our meetings will empower you.

The Vincentian Prayer

 Lord Jesus, help us through meeting together to deepen our Vincentian friendship and answer the call every Christian receives to seek and find those who are forgotten and to help bring your love to those who are suffering or deprived.

Help us to be generous with our time, our possessions and ourselves, so that we may grow perfect in your love and learn to share your Sacrifice for others in the Holy Eucharist.



You can also visit the Society of St. Vincent de Paul website.

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For further information on the work of the SVP, please contact the Parish co-ordinator Mary Hill via the parish office (01235 812338).