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North Hinksey Parish

Welcome to the Parish of North Hinksey

The Parish of North Hinksey is a Roman Catholic community based in the northern most part of the Portsmouth Diocese. There are four Churches within the North Hinksey Parish which cover a large rural area as well as part of Oxford city and its neighbouring villages. The Parish is led by
Father Stan Gibzinski.

Sunday Mass is celebrated in two our Churches – Our Lady of the Rosary, Botley (which is our Parish Church), and Holy Rood Church, Abingdon Road. There is a weekday Mass held in each of the other two chapels – the Chapel of the Good Shepherd, Kennington, and the Chapel of St Thomas More, Boars Hill.

The four Churches have strong individual communities but also come together regularly to share in the whole Parish’s faith celebration and the groups, activities, and learning programmes that take place within the Parish community.

Whether you are new to the parish or an existing church member, please explore our individual Church websites to join in our faith celebration and to find out how you can get the most out of the Church community.


A message from Fr Stan....


 Apart from what happened on Easter Sunday, the event on Mount Tabor was the most mysterious and important fact in the life of Peter, James and John. Before they had become the leaders of Jesus’ flock, they briefly participated in the meeting between Moses, Elijah and Jesus. It never happened before to see on this side of heaven, the Son of Man in His glory. The apostles were completely in awe as they stood in front of God. They understood that Jesus was beyond their grasp, that their concept and experience of God was incomplete. It occurred to them that the Lord was the absolute centre of the whole Scripture and it was only He who was to crush the head of the Serpent. In the transfiguration emerged the Son God, the divinity so far hidden behind the veil of humanity, Law and Prophesies. It emerged that the Father and the Son were united in one will, that Moses and Elijah were alive and yet obedient  to the Lord.  In addition three chosen people were given an instruction straight from the Father: to see, justify and do everything as if they were looking at the world only from Jesus’ perspective. It is rather radical call to start a spiritual journey from its final point. Normally one’s understanding of God’s matters is usually marked by gradual ‘ascending’. Mount Tabor changes this dynamism. At the beginning it demands detachment from our desires and from one’s claims (a claim to be important, etc). Tabor’s call to ‘Listen to Him’ contradicts the popular ‘what do you think of Him’. Because of that the spirituality of Tabor might be called ‘descending’. This kind of call to radicalism of faith becomes more obvious when Tabor is seen in relation to Moriah and Golgotha. God is a maximalist. Transfiguration in this light is seen as Lord’s entry to our inner struggle with the meaning of life.

In our hearts Jesus wants to directly confront Himself with emptiness, dirt and death itself. With God on board, literally everything is light and life is captivating. Having had this perspective kept in our minds, the examination of conscience and individual, verbal Sacramental Confession and Reconciliation, comes more eagerly and considerably easy.                                                   


Fr. Stan



Deacon Richard Budgen

Our Lady of the Rosary
Yarnells Hill, North Hinksey, Oxford

  website  map

Holy Rood
Folly Bridge, Folly Bridge, Oxford

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St Thomas More

Grace Dieu, Foxcombe Road, Boars Hill, Oxford

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The Good Shepherd 

Bagley Wood Road, Kennington, Oxford

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All served by:
Holy Rood Lodge,
Folly Bridge,
Abingdon Road,
North Hinksey,
Oxfordshire. OX1 4LD

Telephone 01865 247986
Fax 01865 247986

Parish priest: Rev Stan Gibzinski


Deacon: Rev Richard Budgen

Telephone: 07881440305

Parish Secretary: Richard Pickett - 01865 247986