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Rev Jamie McGrath
01235 520375
 Lisa Paterson

1 Radley Road, Abingdon, Oxfordshire. OX14 3PL


01235  520375. 


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Our Faith & Worship

Here you can find out more about the Roman Catholic faith and the worship activities that take place here within the Parish of Our Lady and St Edmund of Abingdon.

Our Church Mass Times are displayed here, alongside the latest Sunday and Feast Day Readings and a selection of Daily Prayers and Prayers for Home or Work to help develop your spiritual reflection and prayer life throughout the week.

For visitors or new members interested in learning more about Catholicism in general, click here for an overview of the Roman Catholic faith. We also have a wide range of learning programmes available in the Parish including Children’s Liturgy and Catechism, First Holy Communication and Confirmation education.



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