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Key Contacts

Rev Jamie McGrath
01235 520375

Rev Rob Stewart
 Lisa Paterson

1 Radley Road, Abingdon, Oxfordshire. OX14 3PL


01235  520375. 


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The Church in Abingdon


Abingdon Parish Directory

The Abingdon Parish serves the most northern part of the Thames Isis pastoral area and comprises the Church of Our Lady and St Edmund of Abingdon.

1 Radley  Road, Abingdon, Oxfordshire. OX14 3PL

Telephone: 01235 520375

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Parish Priest: Rev Jamie McGrath
Assistant Priest: Rev Rob Stewart

Secretary: Lisa Paterson
All contacts through the Parish Office on 01235 520375 unless otherwise specified.

E-mail the Parish Office here.




 Parish Blog                                                    Paul Milburn

Parish Website and Newsletter                  Anna Radaelli/Clare Simpson


Faith Development

 Alpha Course                                              Clare Simpson

Family Ministry                                              Clare  Simpson

House Groups                                              Clare Simpson

Marriage Care                                               Catherine McFarlane

Marriage Support                                         Maureen Cash/Pat Mulqueen                                                            

Rite Of Christian                                            Pauline Hanley

Initiation for Adults (RCIA)


Faith in Action


Cafod                                                              Anne Dodd/Jadzia Stevens             

Christian Aid                                                  Christine Chater       

Church in Abingdon                                     Angela Waterhouse                         

Collection for the Homeless                      Catherine McFarlane

Food Bank Contributions                            Felicity Jenkins

LIFE                                                                 Mary Mulqueen

Pax Christi                                                      Anne Dodd



 Bidding Prayers                                           Mary Greenham

Children Liturgy                                            Dawn –Marie Davies

Eucharistic Ministry                                      Errol Midwinter

Guild of St Stephen (Altar Servers)           Donie Kearney

Liturgy Steering Group                                Angela Waterhouse

Readers Ministry                                          Peter Ashbourne



 Fabric and Finance Committee                 Rod Newman

Counters                                                          Brian Keaney          



 Early mass music (8:45 Mass)                 Jeanne Anderson/Kevin Bragg                                                      

Church Ch     (10:15 Mass)                         Sheila Hales

Folk Group     (10:15 Mass)                         Dominic Semple

Psalmists                                                        Pat Lonergan


Parish Pastoral Council                     Vacant


Pastoral Care                                                                              

 Bereavement Support                                  Donie Kearney

Pastoral Care                                                 Andrew Nash        

Safeguarding                                                 Anne Green

Welcoming New Parishioners                   Clare Simpson



Authorised Marriage Person                        Mary Rogers

Church Cleaning                                            Mary Kelly

Church Maintenance                                     Dave Stratton Smith 

Flower Arrangement                                     Jo Milham

Health and Safety                                          Dave Stratton Smith

Parish Centre maintenance                        Geoff Young  

Parish Centre Bookings                               Parish Office

Presbytery maintenance                              Jim Rowe

Stewards                                                        Dave Stratton Smith




Charismatic                                                   Mike Oliver                


Sacrament Preparation

 Baptism                                                         Fr Jamie McGrath

Confirmation                                                 Clare Simpson

First Holy Communion                                 Errol Midwinter

Marriage Preparation                                   Fr Jamie


Social Activities

 Baby and Toddler                                         Bernadette Mason

Cake and Conversation                               Ann Corbett/Anne Dodd

Coffee after 10.15 Mass                              1st Sunday: Alex Contreras

                                                                          3rd Sunday: Andrew & Janne Skinner

Monthly Lunch                                                Justin Gosling

Other                                                                Pat Mulqueen


Youth                                         Paul Milburn


Our Lady's Junior School, Abingdon - Telephone: (01235) 524658

Our Lady's Senior School, Abingdon - Telephone: (01235) 524658

St Edmund's Primary School

Radley Road
OX14 3PP
Telephone: 01235 521558


John Radcliffe Hospital 01865 741166
Churchill 01865 741841
Helen & Douglas House 01865 794479
Sir Michael Sobell House 01865 225860
Ashurst Clinic, Fulbrook Centre & Littlemore 01865 778454
Warneford 01865 243694
Nuffield 01865 762433